New brake caliper to PVP kart

The new PVP brake caliper is open in the bottom, and there is a 8 mm. gab between the brake pads and the caliper house, that is the most affective way to avoid the heat from the brake pads, to go in to the caliper.

The piston is in steel and 27 mm. high, that give better control over the brake pads.

In the caliper is there now 2 sealing on, square ring 34x2,94x3,2 to hold the brake fluid, and one O-ring 34,65x1,78 to prevent the dust to come in to the main sealing. 

The caliper can only be used together with the new type of brake pads (1835), or if the old type is les than 11 thick 

Caliper on the front wheel, the new Caliper will fit to all the kart there now have the yellow caliper 


Caliper on the rear axle

Here can you see how it is connected to the chassis

Part no. Description
6053 Brake caliper kit
Part no. Description
6054 Brake caliper kit with brake pads