There is new brake caliper on the PVP Superkart, from October 2003

The new brake caliber is now tested in a races and it is working very good, the brake pedal only need to be moved 15-20mm. to brake, and then you don't brake the brake pads is 100% free of the brake disc, it is now possible to change the brake pads only by unscrew the 6mm bolt and remove the return springs, take the brake pads out, then put new in and mounting the springs and screw, together with the new type of brake pads (part number 1834) you will have the best brake system you can get, low weight, easy to control, no fade, and all the brake forces you will ever need to stop your PVP kart.


Hear can you see the spare parts you need to update your PVP kart to the new brake caliper


There is now made an new type of brake piston for the for new brake caliper, it have les surface to brake pads, and ventilations holes, that will reduces the head transfer from the brake pads to O-ring, brake fluid  and caliper, it have part number 1862

The part number for the update kit is 6051

Part number Descriptions


1092 House to front axle R/H side model 2004  1
1102 House to front axle L/H side model 2004  1
1581 Bracket to caliper 5x40x182  2
1582 Tube 8/14x12  1
1583 Tube 8/14x67 1
1584 Tube 8/14x19 1
1585 Tube 8/14x7 1
1853 Brake caliper body R/H side model 2004 3
1854 Brake caliper body L/H side model 2004 3
1855 Brake caliper body doublet,  model 2004 1
1871 O-Ring 34x2,94x3,2 8
1882 Spring 1,2 8
1991 Angle fitting 1
5256 Bolt M6x69 2
5253 Bolt M6x70 2
5261 Bolt M8x20 1
5262 Bolt M8x25 1
5270 Bolt M8x65 CP 4
5271 Bolt M8x70 CP 4
5375 Luc nut M6 4
5376 Luc nut M8 10
1862 Brake piston 34,5x20 8