New  PVP Chassis model 2006

The new chassis have 36mm longer wheel base than model 2005, and the total length of the kart is 20mm. longer.

Model 2006 are made in too deferent model, one for tandem motors, and one for single cylinder and V-type motors as Yamaha TZ, the only deferant is the bracket to the front motor mount, the new chassis have also a new type of support tube, there also is mounting point for the front seat mount, that make is possible to move the seat steeples from side to side, and it can fit all size of seat.

The chassis on the left photo is for tandem motor, like PVP, Rotax, FPE or BRC, the chassis on the right photo is for single cylinder motor or V-motor like Yamaha TZ


If you want to replace the chassis on your PVP kart, will you need this part you can see on the photos, if you have a tandem motor,

You might want also to have a new floor tray if you not want to have the hole from the old chassis, the position is the same on the rear bumper, but all the other hole have to be drilled, the floor tray is moved 20mm back from the front of chassis, because the chassis  is 20mm longer, You also have to drill new hole in the inside side plate on the wing,16mm longer back for the front bracket (part no.1290)


For all type of motor you will need a 16mm. longer chain adjuster rod, for a tandem motor is the new rod 167mm long ( part no. 1278)