There is made a new and safer front bumper

The front bumper is safer because it now go longer forward in to the nose cone, and have a tube in the bottom, with the new front bumper can you also adjust the down forces with a handle behind the steering wheel, with this adjustment is it possible to find  best balance in down forces between the front and the rear of the kart.   

The spare parts number for a Front bumper kit is 6048, please see the prices list.

The kit in cloud part no. 1025,1026,1027,1028,1520,1521,1633,1644, 3080 + bolt and nuts. 

The rubber is part number 1633, and the rod end is part number 3080


On this photo can you see the handle 


Then you start first time then make 13 mm. between the tube and the nut you can see in the middle of the photo, and the 2 screw there connect the nose cone and the top of the front bumper have toe be in hole number 2 from the front positions.

  Then you driving can you adjust the nose cone to find the best balance, you maybe need to change adjustment if it is rain or then the tires change the grip.     


Then you have the new front bumper, is it necessary to cut 12 mm of the bottom of the nose cone as you can see on the photo. 

You also have to cut 20 mm of the part 1040, so it is same length as 1041 you can see on the photo 

This is the new front bumper part number 1025

This is the adjusting screw (1027) and the tube with 8 mm treed inside (1026)


This is the rocker arm, part number 1028


This is the adjusting tube with handle part number 1520


Bracket (1521) and rubber bushing (1644)