Fuel supply system for PVP motor

Fuel filter part no. 4036

Fuel pump part no. 4012, the pipe be twin Pump & Motor have to be in rubber & 75 mm. long, 

Tt is very important that the tube not is longer, because the fuel pressure will be lover and lover the longer the tube is. 


Fuel pressure regulator part no. 4010 

You can have the position here

 or here, you can better see the gauge here then you have a data logger on the steering wheel. 

Fuel pressure gauge part no. 4015 fitting for this is part no. 4018, the pressure with 250 needle valve have to be from 0.15 to 0.18 atu. The gauge have to suspended in rubber as on the photo 

Adjust the arm for the needle valve: 3 mm. from the edge of the carburetor without the gasket. 

You can use a 3 mm. Alan key as you can see on the photo.

It have to open as you can see on this photo.


The length of the fuel pipes is : 

Fuel tank to filter: 150 mm. Filter to pump: 360 mm. Pump to regulator:  880 mm.
Regulator to T-part: 160 mm. T-part to gauge:  160 mm. T-part to T-part: 960 mm.
T-part to front carburetor:  180 mm. T-part to rear carburetor: 260 mm. From pump to plug: 60 mm.