Index for spare parts to PVP Chassis 
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Spare parts number 



Chassis and Front bumper

1030-1050 Pedal and U-part for brake system 
1061-1102 Part for brake system and front spindle house
1130-1175 Support tube and part for steering 
1182-1213 Gear lever and parts for motor mount
1221-1253 Support tube for chassis and T-parts for water 
1260-1277 Motor mount and seat bracket
1279-1293 Chain adjuster tube and wing bracket
1294-1321 Bolt with tube, rear bumper and rear seat mount
1330-1460 Front axle, rack and pinion, Sprocket and key
1499-1521 Heel support, Spacer to front, bracket to bobble 
1522-1580 Fuel tank, Track rod, Sprocket hub and alum. parts
1586-1609 Bracket for brakes and spacer for rear axle
1609-1629 Tube for water, and bracket to wing
1630-1661 Parts in rubber
1671-1735 Fiber glass, front, floor tray, bobble, side pod
1741-1830 Fiber glass, seat, wing, U-Plate and number plate 
1835-2030 Brake spare parts
2031-2055 Brake spare parts, master cylinder and fluid 
2061-2095 Hubs and wheels
3039-4007 Bearing, rod ends and Nylon parts
4008-4065 Fuel, Oil, Filter, Air box and Chain parts
4066-4150 Radiator, fitting, hose clamp and Cable
4151-4611 Pipe bend, Rear light, Flag and Cap
6048-6070 Front bumper kit, Master cylinder to clutch, exhaust spring
6070-9602 Exhaust, silencer, bracket and exhaust spring

Eats section are one page, you can make your own catalogue of spare parts with color photos, if you print it.