Order specification for PVP Superkart with PVP Motor

Order no.____________  Quantity:____________   Date:_____________
Color of fiber glass:  Yellow ____ , Black _____
Color of front faring (bobble): Yellow_____ Black____
Color of number plate and outside plate on the wing: Yellow____ Black____
Size of seat:   Large ____ , X-Large ____ , Without seat ____
Type of clutch:  

Food clutch hydraulic:__  together with Left foot clutch and right food brake pedal 

Hand clutch hydraulic: __      (only together with right hand gear lever)   

Type of gear lever:  Right hand ____,  Left hand ____
The fuel tank is a  18 liter  In aluminum 
The kart will be delivered with one sprocket: ( That is the sprocket I can recommend ) 

 29t. ____, 30t. ____  31t. ____ 32t. ____ 33t. _____

The PVP Motor is delivered with one sprocket: (That is the type of sprocket you can get to the Motor)

 22t._____ 23t._____ 24t._____ 25t._____ 26t._____

The kart is ready to races, except  tires and rear light 


Tel.: ___________________  Mobil:_________________ E-mail:__________________________

(EU) if possible VAT no.:_________________________

PVP Karting,  Fabriksvangen 5 C,   3550 Slangerup,  Denmark

  Tel.: *45-4738 2001,  Mobil: *45-4026 9021