New Side bare for PVP Superkart, there is OK for the 2010 CIK. regulations. 

Below can you also see the aluminum plate and the left hand side pod you will need together with the new left hand side bare.

This is the right hand side part no. 1195


This is left hand side part no. 1196

Then I have the new side pod in stock will there be information about how to mount the side radiator.


Bushing to weld on to the frame part no. 1197


R-Clip in 3,0 mm. part no. 4041


Before you weld the bushing on to the frame, first remove the paint  



Hold the front bushing that way then you weld it on to the frame, and use MIG welding 

On frame from 2006 to 2009 make a 2 mm. gab between the side bare and frame.

The gab is deferent on frame from 1996 to 2005 more info later.  


Here is the tube there hold the top of the radiator

The bracket there hold the radiator in the back, is moved to the other side.

Here is the complete kit of aluminum plate between the side pod and the radiator.

The spare part number for the kit of alum. plate is 1579, the alum. plate is bolted on the the new side bare, you also have to cut some of the floor tray, so you can take out the side bare, the alum. plate is not connected to the radiator, so then you take out the side bare is the radiator still on the kart.

Here is the new left hand side pod.

The part number 1735-Y is Yellow, 1735-R is Red, 1735-B is Black, 1735-W is White