PVP Spare parts 1499-1521

1499.jpg (3821 bytes)

1499 Heel support right side

1500.jpg (3536 bytes)

1500 Heel support left side

1501.jpg (2453 bytes)

1501 Spacer between bearings 25/32x36

15021.jpg (2714 bytes) Spacer to front axle:

1502=25/32x40 1503=25/32x10 1504=25/32x15

1505.jpg (3718 bytes)

1505 Ring to steering 70x13

1510 Bracket to bobble (front faring) front one

1512 Bracket to bobble right side
  1514 Bracket to bobble left side

1520 Nose cone adjusting tube with handle       


1521 Bracket to hold adjusting tube 1520, together with rubber bushing 1644