Speed shift to PVP motor

Hear is the gear lever in the middle, and there have to be a gab about 1.5 mm.

Here is link to a video there you are onboard with Carlo at Zolder 2009, he drive for the first time with the new PVP speed shift, and see he don't lift the food from the accelerator, and he set the fastest lap time in the weekend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAoMUqoHT7k

Hear you pull the gear up in gear and in to the stop, the black fiber there hit the top of the bracket over the clutch, but the dogging is not engaged,  then the red wire from the ignition coil is connected to ground, and will then cut the ignition. 

The gab be twin the nut and the fiber have to be about 2 mm. 

Hear you pull the gear up in gear, and the dogging is engaged, and  the ignition is on, even if you hole the gear lever back. 

That way the speed shift will adjust the ignition cut of correct every time, and you will not lose time for the gear change, and it will also protect the dogging in the gear box.