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Manufacture & world-wide sales of PVP Superkart chassis and PVP Superkart motor 


 I have now a new fuel supply system, it is not sensitive from vibrations and g-force on the track, and will provide a safer petrol supply for the PVP motor, it also weighs less and is simpler.

Adjustable overpressure valve

Spare part no. 4011

How you connect it to the fuel tank

It is very important the impulse hose is short, if it is to long will you lose fuel pressure at high rpm, where you need it most. I recommend a maximum of 75 mm.

Assembly diagram

I have now Gear no. 554 (5940) and 621(4964) in stock


New PVP shift fork for 5 and 6 gear, because Rotax don't have them any more

New Clutch hub for the PVP motor

Clutch no. 436 made for 5 cinter plate no. 440+

4 plate no. 445 and 2 plate no. 450

Clutch hub no. 437 made for 6 cinter plate no. 440+

5 plate no. 445 and 2 plate no. 450

With 6 Sinter plate the clutch is 20% stronger

Inside the new clutch hub no. 436 on the left and no. 437 on the right 


New crankcase for PVP 252 motor

The new crankcase have less water cooling and more air cooling, 

this make the crankcase lighter, and it is faster to heat the water 


There is is more spaces for the rod, 

So most likely won't it destroy the crankcase if you get a squeeze of the big end bearing

If you want to update a motor with motor no. 252-17xx or 252-19xx will you the following parts.

115 Crankcase 
127 Primary drive cover 2022

O-ring line 796

152 Bracket
156 Bracket behind water pump

and O-ring 766 and 775

Oil seal 806x2

159 Water pump house 2022
162 Tube 22x23

And O-ring 742

163 Tube 25x28

2 Pieces

165 Tube 28x23

and O-ring 748

166 Tube 28x33

and O-ring 748

169 Bend for water

If you want to update a motor from before 2017 will you also need the following parts.

173 Disk valve cover

and O-ring 792

192 Gear box cover

and O-ring 786

In the new bracket behind the water pump house have you now the possibility to fill oil in to the sealing for the water pump, so the sealing and the axle last longer.


PVP Roling shassis 

Below here can you see details of the PVP kart with PVP 252 Motor







That is the airbox inside





That is the position of the master cylinder if you want to have food clutch 


You can now also get PVP Silencer

I carbon fiber with chrome-plated end

The size is: 88.4 x 384 mm. total length 416 mm.

It is part no. 6081

If you need to repack the muffler wool then take the rear end out and take inside out

I have now replaced the Vertex piston 3965 with Di Carmine Piston with part no. 3960

You can see the prices on www.pvpkart.com/ Prices: Motor spare parts/3960