New part 2020

3 gears for the PVP motor

New design of PVP Speed shift

New part 2019

New rear radiator 2019

New production of gear and axle

New crankcase 5 mm. higher

New part 2018

PVP 125 Motor

New Airbox for PVP 252

Hydraulic hand clutch for right hand

New part 2017

New mastercylinder

New PVP Superkart chassis model 2017

 Advance front seat mount

New rear seat mount

New parts Year 2013

Single step power valve

New parts in Year 2012

Scope kit for radiator 

New Brake caliper to PVP kart

New parts in Year 2011

PVP motor 252

PVP chassis model 2011.htm

New brake pads

New parts in Year 2010

New PVP chassis model 2010

New side bare for 2010 CIK regulations

New rear bumper for 2010 CIK regulations

New parts in Year 2009

Complete update kit to PVP motor 

New crankshaft in the PVP motor

New 42 mm. PVP carburetor

New speed shift on the PVP motor

New Piston in steel for the brake caliper

New hydraulic hand clutch  

New type of rear bumper for rear radiator 4048 and 4069

New air hole in the new production of rear radiator 4068

Cylinder 91 mm high, and new type of piston

There is made a new safer front bumper, and it is also possible to adjust the nose cone from the drivers positions

New retaining plate  for the clutch

New parts in Year 2007

One more type of rear radiator model 2007 630x230x26

New type of big rear radiator model 2007 630x350x26

New parts in Year 2005

New type of chassis model 2006

New parts in Year 2004

New motor mount for the Yamaha TZ from 1991 to 1999

New parts in Year 2003

New brake caliper 

New bracket to the radiators

New CARBON/CERAMIC brake pads

New rear bumper there is approved by the new CIK rules - see the photo

Change to the front bumper 

New part in stock 2003

Rear light FIA/CIK approved 

New parts in Year 2001

New radiator system with 2 radiators - see the photo

New Parts in Year 2000

There are a new nose cone for the PVP kart model 2000 - see photo

There are a now 2 type of bobble (front faring) - see photo

New rear seat mount model 2000